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Photography and artwork that is original, unique and one-of-a-kind is a gift that keeps giving to the owner every time it is viewed. 


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About Us

Photography Captures Life

Find beautiful photographs that excite and inspire. From weddings to 50-year anniversaries, our expertise and understanding of how photographs touch hearts and minds resounds every time we click the shutter.


Becki Timson and Mike Timson

Creative Team

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We provide enjoyment and so much more.

  • Going the Extra Mile for Amazing Photos
  • Beautiful Travel Locations
  • Exotic Wildlife from Africa

It takes special people with a knack for seeing the image before it even occurs. That’s what we do. Browse through our photos and find the images to fit your personality and needs.


Wildlife Photos 

Travel Photos 


What Else Do We Offer

Beyond cell phone photography!

Make sure the special family events include us. Our photos will ensure that the moment lasts forever in quality images.


Custom Printing and material

You’ve been needing gorgeous photos to compliment your decor. We’re here to help.


Oil and Watercolor Paintings

Capture your love of nature



Find that one-of-a-kind original!

Oil/Acrylic Paintings

Oil and Watercolor Paintings

  • Wildlife
  • Whales
  • Still life
  • Architectural
  • Flowers


Watercolor Paintings

Custom Printing and Merchandise

Print on metal, no frame needed.
Wall clusters and splits.


We offer a specialized approach to our photography, capturing intimate details that are ordinarily overlooked by most. We enhance each session and photograph to fully capitalize on mood, dimension and the realistic portrayal of beauty in every scene.

Our years of experience has given us an opportunity to help others rekindle a relationship with the beauty of photography.


No matter what occasion or background, we are the best at bringing events to life. Whatever the specialty, we’ve got it covered.


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